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Superyacht Furniture Design

Super yacht interior design can be a little like trying to put together a jigsaw puzzle, every piece needs to be fitted precisely into the right place and every nook and cranny accounted for.

Making the most of available space is paramount, so that you can include what the owner, builder and designer want, but still ensure everything is functional and luxurious.

Taking into consideration the lines of a yacht and the multifunction requirements of luxury furniture pieces which have to withstand a harsh marine environment, its soon becomes clear that the majority of furniture and cabinetry needs to be custom designed.

This provides a wonderful opportunity to design beautiful and unique pieces that add to the functionality of each space.

For example, in order to maximise the spacious feel of a guest cabin, KGID often elevate the bed and beside tables and put soft lighting underneath them.

The bed base would also double as a storage area with hidden drawers, while it is important that the bedside tables be shaped and composed to ensure they are a practical fit in the room.

It’s essential the furnishings have rounded shapes, so legs are not bumped, and luxurious materials such a leathers and shagreen are used to give an opulent and layered finish.

Loose items can be a problem on ocean going vessels so special consideration also needs to be given to beside lighting.

While lamps may look attractive, they are not necessarily as practical as including luxurious reading lamps mounted into custom-made leather headboards.

Coffee tables and side tables also need to be secured to the floor.

Movement of doors and drawers need to be factored in, so that everything stays where it should at all times. At KGID we often use a combination of solid wood, veneers, leather and metal inlays in our superyacht interior designs.

There is little in terms of furniture which isn’t bespoke. Custom designed lounge suites with beautiful details made with exquisite and durable fabrics can’t be bought at the nearest furniture store.

Bathrooms are smaller on a superyacht than a suburban home, but that doesn’t mean they need to be any less luxurious.

We customise the cabinetry to make use of every bit of space utilising the curvaceous shapes while not crowding the room, using space saving tricks such as combing the bidet and toilet and providing the type of bathroom you would expect in a five or six-star hotel.

Even the wall finishes on a superyacht need to be individually created, whether that is the fabrics to dress it or just the sizing. This also needs to take into account that access to services behind wall panels needs to be easy.


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