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Family Steakhouse

Under Construction

Indoor dining 367 square meters
Outdoor dining 195 square meters
Amenities 28 square meters 
Back of house 260 square meters
74 Internal Seats, 32 Outdoor Seats
Sunshine Coast, Queensland 

Commissioned to redesign a family steakhouse in the heart of the Sunshine Coast, KGID began by reviewing the existing seating layout to maximize seating whilst still maintaining compliance for ease of customer & staff movement through the space.

In the proposed floorplan, the placement of the Maitre d station captures guests from both entry directions. We moved the mezzanine stairs slightly to the right to allow for an additional banquette seating to the left of the stairs. We added bar stools to the food preparation area (thinking oyster bar, charcuterie, pizza preparation & cutting). As well as inside entry drinks area for additional seating whilst maintaining workflow during busy times.

banquette for pp.png

Carefully selected materials for impact, longevity and compliance in
your interior spaces.

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