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We help clients through the journey of building and renovating.

Comfortably elegant interiors to endure and enjoy...


Welcome to KG Design, your premier destination for interior design situated in the heart of Newstead, Brisbane. Our boutique studio offers an exclusive, personalised one-on-one experience, serving clients both nationally and internationally.

At KG Design, we specialise in crafting exceptional interiors for luxury residences, boutique commercial properties and superyachts.


With a wealth of professional expertise spanning interior design, business and the property industry, our dedicated team adopts a comprehensive approach to deliver a full-service experience.

We understand the importance of our clients' privacy, their design vision, and lifestyle. We bring the latest in luxury interior design know-how along with a wealth of experience in custom furniture design, prestigious finishes, furnishing brands, and sourcing antique and vintage pieces.


Keeley Green

Keeley Green

Director/Interior Designer

With 15 years' experience in property development and the retirement living industry, formal training at the Florence Design Academy in Italy, and a successful design studio, south of London, Keeley brings a refined sense of grace, character, and a keen eye for quality to each and every project. Keeley's classic contemporary design aesthetic translates across bespoke commercial developments, luxury residential properties, and yachts. While living in London, Keeley co-founded luxury hand-designed wallpaper and fabric brand Ailanto Design, in partnership with creative luminary Amanda Ferragamo. Keeley returned to Australia in 2017, establishing a studio in Brisbane and introducing Ailanto to the Australian market. Her studio, located in Brisbane's design hub of Newstead, is an inviting space where she collaborates with clients on the creative, practical, and budgetary elements of their property or yacht. Keeley has an enduring passion and drive for creating spaces that are stylish, beautiful, and functional using sophisticated design that will stand the test of time.


Owners, 'Princess Iluka'

Keeley brings a fresh eye to marine interior fitout and while she has a sound understanding of material selections required for a commercial ocean-going environment, she also has a style that speaks to timeless luxury.

Lisa S., Family Beach House

Our home has been transformed into a true reflection of who we are and how we want to live. 

Peter L., Kensington Gardens

Keeley has a keen eye for detail - both the homes and the country clubs are well designed, inviting and look and feel luxurious. Keeley achieved this on a reasonable budget.

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