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Decorex….Bodo Sperlein, London

Updated: Apr 30, 2018

Bodo Sperlein is a product design consultancy specialising in bespoke accessories. Collaborating with some of the globes most preeminent businesses, they bring us delightful items such as the following featured at this years Decorex.


Tane is Mexico’s premier silver brand. Having its roots in Europe, it has been producing high quality products for international royalty and the Hollywood elite since the 40s. Now we can own a little piece with this beautiful collaboration between Tane & Bodo Sperlein.  Keeley Green Interior Design was particularly taken with the Atlas plates. Visit their online store at

Dibbern and Nikko were other collaborations featured. Dibbern is a premier bone china manufacturer in Germany. Below, Studio manager Daniel Bowling, whom I had the absolute pleasure to meet and chat with, is holding a piece titled Black Forest.  Nikko is an artisanal Japanese fine ceramics manufacturer. The range is titled ‘Blossom’ which is synonomous with Japan and the beauty of life. This range is set apart in their market given that the bone component of bone china is considered auspicious in Japanese culture. This is a delicate, colourful and interesting collection for an international market.

These collaborations really resonated with me. If I try and describe why, they seem to have their design origins rooted in nature produced in a contemporary form.  The beautiful simplicity and quality is also perfect.

More from Decorex soon,

Keeley xo

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