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Favorite piece of custom designed furniture

Screens seem to dominate our modern lives (especially if you have children!) and one of the great conundrums of modern interior design is how to incorporate a TV into a family space without it becoming the focal point of the room. Of course, you can now purchase TVs that turn into mirrors or display artwork when not in use but, in most cases, the obvious solution is to hide it within a piece of furniture.

When I was refurbishing The Old Vicarage in the UK last year, the only place for a TV in the lounge room was narrow recessed space. Unable to find anything that fit the bill, I decided to design one myself. I needed something that fit the narrow space, was stylish yet sympathetic to the heritage and style of the home, and wasn’t too tall or obtrusive.

I drew inspiration from the gothic shapes that are repeated throughout the home, particularly the grand archways, and used mirrored walls so the cabinet blended seamlessly into the room, while still being a beautiful signature piece.

The large TV and other audio-visual equipment is housed within the cabinet and raised using an inbuilt lift system which is fully integrated in to the Lutron home automation system used throughout the house – so, with a press of an icon on the iPad, the TV appears and can be packed away just as easily.

I have a great working relationship with a fantastic cabinetmaker in London who quickly saw and understood my vision and brought it to life.

I never thought a TV cabinet would be among my favourite pieces of furniture, but I love this piece because it is such a beautiful and elegant design solution. The cladding can easily be changed to suit different environments. I am hoping to make it part of the Ailanto range of furniture in the coming months.

Keeley xo

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