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Finding calm at home during the pandemic

With so many of us now forced to work from home we need that space to not only serve as an office but also a place where we can find sanctuary from the outside world.

So how can we combine the two and switch off when the sun sets and the weekend rolls around on yet another lengthy period in lockdown?

You’ve no doubt heard the saying “home is where the heart is”. That really resonates with me. Home should be a happy place, where you find comfort and calm.

And while we can’t go on magnificent overseas holidays anymore, we can still bring some luxury into the home.

Our home needs to be more multifunctional than ever, as we are spending more time in it than ever.

You may have heard of mudrooms for your ski gear but how about for your parcel and grocery delivery? Or what about a Zoom Room? where you can feel comfortable that you are still portraying a professional image while carrying out online work meetings from home.

All of us are so much more germ conscious since the pandemic began, we need to think outside the square in terms of protecting family – think touch, sensor or voice activated taps as well as metals that don’t harbour bacteria. “Smart” taps allow for improved hygiene, time-saving convenience, and increased efficiency for daily water usage around the home.

With so much time spent in lockdown we’ve seen a return to traditional family dining. More cooking is being done at home and less eating out. As a result, kitchens have definitely become homier, people want a place where you can linger after a meal and entertain friends (when restrictions allow).

Another way to enhance the kitchen/dining flow is by adding additional seating pockets to your home.

We’ve also seen a resurgence in gardening. People want to reconnect with nature and whether you live in an apartment or have a house there are ways to do this.

Utilise your lawn if you have one. Throw a picnic and make the front of house more enticing. If you are living in an apartment add some greenery. Plants are wonderful air purifiers.

So how can we instill a sense of calm to a hectic home that’s doubling as an office?

If you have the space for one, a healthy home office can improve productivity immensely. Keep it clutter free and most importantly choose a desk that doesn’t sacrifice your posture. Then pick a chair for ample back support. If you can, a room with a window is best as it allows natural light in. You can always add a warm tone lamp for a bit of extra lighting. And don’t forget the greenery – studies have shown they help reduce stress related conditions.

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