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International Buying Trip!

Whilst we have wonderful products in Australia and are able to source many items, there is nothing more exciting for me as a designer than attending the international trade shows and picking through the treasure trove of European antique markets and shops! This is a win/win, my passion for design allows me to find unique pieces for our clients as well as establishing new supplier relationships...all whilst doing something I love!

Starting in London, I take a look around the high-end trade show, ‘Decorex’, a wonderful event for sourcing unique products and collection launches. This is an easy opportunity to gather information and samples from the latest releases...everything in one place! There are some interesting guest speakers presenting at the ‘Design Talks’ so I hope to have time to sit in on a couple of these as they are always insightful.

Annabel's Mayfair - their new Japanese restaurant

From 'Decorex' and on to Chelsea Harbour Design Centre (I love the book shop there too!), the Kings Road, Fulham Road and the list goes on. Maybe a trip out to Bath if time allows.

From London we travel to Paris where I will visit the Flea Market for a full day on Saturday, accompanied by a knowledgeable antiques guide. I will also visit a couple of well known ‘to the trade’ antique dealers. I have to mention a luxurious lunch with Dior Paris, organised by a dear friend which I am beyond excited about. I would love to visit ‘Maleville, Paris’ and ‘Feau Boiseries’ given the detailed woodworking often specified for our high-end projects here at KGID. Also take some time to absorb the history, architecture and art. All the beautiful things that bring joy and inspire me creatively.

Sophisticated tea-time. Collectibles make for enjoyable rituals (image via @fujishima.yuko)

Feau Boiseries

Then on to Italy where the options are limitless! This is an exciting and quite expansive buying trip. I will be on the ‘look out’ for unique pieces for existing clients with current projects. Please drop us a note if you would like me to keep an eye out for anything special for you?

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