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More from Decorex....Future Heritage

This section of Decorex was incredibly inspiring with lots of Oohs & ahhs. Craftspeople and designers exhibited at Future Heritage were selected by the eminent applied arts and design journalist Conrinne Julius, as some of the most talented working in Britain today.  Here are Keeley Green Interior Design favourites…

Carina Ciscato describes her porcelain pots in muted tones as “imperfectly perfect” and I couldn’t agree more! These pieces stand alone or as a collection. For more information visit

Eleanor Lakelin honed her artistic practice over 10 years of masterclasses. Having learnt to carve and sculpt wood using centuries-old tools, she now combines modern and traditional techniques to create beautiful pieces.  To create ethical and sustainable products, Eleanor only uses wood from felled trees in South London and surrounding areas

Katharine Morling is an award-winning artist working in the medium of ceramics. She set up her studio in 2003 and has since gained international acclaim for her work.

Katharine creates sculptures in porcelain in her signature monochromatic aesthetic. The work is made fired without glaze accentuating the ‘drawn’ quality of the work. I urge you to visit Katharine’s website to see more examples of her work. It’s really different and fun

Tanya Gomez works in porcelain with a range of approaches in throwing to create forms that will capture qualities of fluidity and movement.

Taking her inspiration from dramatic landscapes and the diverse qualities of the sea, Tanya creates works that are decorative. I really enjoyed the colours of this work and can imagine a wave crashing when I look at the shapes. Lots more to see at

Lastly is this amazing work by Chenbo Shi. Made from chinese rice paper, acid free tissue paper and aluminium, these works can and have also been commissioned in bronze for strength. More images at

Keeley xo

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