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Pushing the boundaries

As a retirement living property developer and former owner, I saw this fabulous planned estate in Vero Beach, Florida and was immediately inspired!

Looking through the gallery of community spaces, I could immediately see unique and interesting facilities that active retirement living master plans could incorporate like a stylish and colourful bar/restaurant, comfy and intimate seating area and cafe for meeting friends for a coffee. Such facilities not ordinarily incorporated in retirement estates, but they would be so appealing to the baby boomer generation who want to maintain luxury and elegance when they retire and downsize.

Stylish & Colourful bar/restaurant

I’ll admit that the budget conscious and practical business side of me is fighting the creative design side! But imagine, as a retiree, having access to such a beautiful restaurant, or being able to host a birthday party of anniversary celebration in that stunning wine cellar.

Comfy and intimate seating area

Done properly, it could be a commercial venture within a retirement estate. Residents could receive large discounts in the restaurant and bar, with the wider community being able to come and enjoy the facilities or hire out spaces for their own events.

Cafe for meeting friends for a coffee

This development really shows that retirement living doesn’t have to be about lawn bowls and counter lunches. And providing such amazing facilities and opening them up to the general public would be a great way to keep retirees connected to their local community.

Keeley xo

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