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SALE TIME! Why not refresh your linens?

The average person spends 1/3 of their life sleeping and apparently approximately 7 years of their life trying to get to sleep!

As a designer, knowing the importance of sleep and the difference it can make to how we feel and live our lives, I will always recommend a decent proportion of a client’s budget is allocated to their bedroom. Sure no one sees it except you and your partner, but this is about you and your health and rituals. Important items to consider are:

  • A comfortable mattress that suits your needs.

  • Appropriate pillows & duvet/coverlet.

  • A suitable underlay that’s easily removable for cleaning.

  • Quality cotton sateen sheets that are soft and light against the skin and never feel too hot. Stone washed linen is another great option however not so much if creases annoy you or you like to use your dryer.

  • Window treatments – some people like to wake with the sunlight, others not so much depending on your bedtime.

Once the essentials are in place, why not consider the more luxurious items:

  • Wall coverings or colour that brings you joy and relaxation. This is what you open your eyes to in the morning. Why not make it something that makes you smile. Alternatively, a beautiful piece of artwork, a gallery of photos or perhaps your favourite indoor plants.

  • A headboard that is comfortable to sit against (particularly if you like to read in bed), feels soft to touch and is visually pleasing.

  • Well designed bedside tables for storage and everyday use that also add a little luxury. Think of a beautiful wood, leather wrapping, marble, or glass top for durability.

  • Bedside lamps for practical purposes and to add a layer of mood lighting to the space. A little bit of crystal or cut glass always adds some femininity and luxury together with a detailed shade to suit your room.

  • Your favorite candle, a little pot plant or bud vase and notebook allocated just for journalling for a bedtime ritual.

I will write a separate post on some of these items. Today, given that it’s sale time and shopping online is easy, let’s focus on linens. Now is the time to acquire quality linens for a reasonable price.

This image: 'Grace' linen from Frette

This is what I look for:

  • 100% cotton composition with a sateen weave which is soft and has a slight sheen to it. Percale is the other weave available in 100% cotton and tends to be crisper and mat. Cotton is durable and importantly in Queensland, breathable.

  • In terms of thread count, I tend to work between 300 to 500. Take care with this as I have found in a lesser quality brand, a high thread count can make the sheets very heavy and as such, hot!

My go to retail brands are: ‘Frette’; ‘Yves Delorme’; and ‘Sheridan’. As an Interior Designer, we have access to many trade options which I prefer and that can also customize for sizing and beautiful stitching and monogramming details.

Make your bed comfortable, a little gorgeous and just right for you so that you look forward to relaxing into it each night!


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