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Setting up the Brisbane Studio

After nearly five years studying in Florence and New York, and then living and working in London while setting up KGID and Ailanto Design in London, it is so lovely to be home in Australia.

I’ve been back for about a year now and work on my Brisbane design studio is well underway and Leith (my project manager) and I are laying the groundwork to get it up and running in the coming months.

Conceptual ideas for our new Brisbane studio

Since being home, people have asked me why I chose to move to Brisbane and my goals for the Brisbane studio.

Let’s start with the why… why Brisbane? The simple answer is… family. I once heard someone say, ‘it’s better to make a bad business decision than a bad family one’. Family is important to me and I wanted to be closer to my family, which is in Bundaberg, and for my kids to be closer to their dad, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins… so here we are!

That’s not to say setting up a design studio in Brisbane isn’t also a good business decision – I think it’s smart choice and one I am very enthusiastic about.

My vision is for KGID to be a small, boutique interior design studio providing a full design service – where I can develop and execute a design vision right from floorplan and architectural design through to the finishes and furnishing, to deliver the absolute best result for my clients.

The best results are achieved through collaboration – collaboration with architects, draftsmen and master craftsmen. My focus for the next 6-12 months is on building those relationships here in Brisbane.

It’s an exciting time, both personally and professionally, and I’m looking forward to getting to know this city and its interiors from the inside out.

Figuring out how to hang our gorgeous rhino etching over the newly installed mirror

More design studio images coming soon.

Keeley xo

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