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Silver secrets of Florence

Updated: Apr 30, 2018

Tuscan artisans are some of the best known in the world, thanks to their incredible craftsmanship and creativity. Many of those artisan shops are family owned businesses that have been handed down through generations, and wandering through Florence and its surroundings I have been lucky to visit some of them. Needless to say I am amazed by their creations and the time, patience and practice that goes into bringing into life these works of art.

The Benvenuti Argenti is an artisan shop that was opened in the 1930’s by Osvaldo Benvenuti and has been in the family ever since. Today, the business is ran by Osvaldo’s grandchildren, Massimiliano and Alessandro, who, though using new ideas, always honor the Tuscan and Florentine tradition. I find their vases and trays to be very decorative and perfect pieces for a dining room or living room table.

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Alessandro Castellani is another artisan business that I really admire and love. The company and all of their work is based on Florentine traditional work and amazing ideas that make their pieces unique. They produce elegant and very delicate pieces made mostly of silver­plates and in combination with crystals, blown glass, acrylic and plexiglass. The amount of time and different techniques that are required for making these pieces is outstanding and make me appreciate even more the final results!

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These are only two of the Florentine secrets and there are many more that I have discovered on the way which only prove over and over again that Florence and Tuscany are rightfully at the top of the artisan world list.

Jelena xo

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