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Space Planning for Superyachts

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

Superyacht design, just like designing for a luxury home is all about keeping the end client in mind.

The owners of large ocean going vessels often like to be surrounded by the finer things in life and are appreciative of careful space planning resulting in functional design.

At KGID, when transposing all of the features and mod cons of a six-star home into the smaller and mobile space of a yacht, we feel it is important to pay homage to the tradition and curves of yacht design.

For a designer that can be a beautiful and rewarding dance.

Depending on size, most super yachts will include: staterooms; guest suites; crew area; captain’s rooms; saloon; dining; TV room; cinema; gym/wellness; sundeck and beach club.

If going into charter, crew rooms and service areas need to be kept separate from guest areas so the business of running the yacht does not impact on the guests.

This means careful consideration of separate service corridors and staircases, lower deck crew rooms and break out areas, a galley which meets the high demands of feeding guests and crew 24/7 and even a laundry and cold room.

All of these things need to happen quietly behind the scenes, so design needs to ensure the happens seamlessly.

The aim is for guests to only experience the luxurious side of the yacht and enjoy their holiday. This means providing the facilities that include comfortable and compartmentalised seating areas that encourage conversations or provide quiet escapes, cinematic experiences; serene and comfortable bedrooms offering the finest in comfort in bedding and luxurious accessories. The list goes on.

At KGID we take all of these elements into account and plan a space that can offer the finest in service, facilities and luxurious superyacht living, on the high seas. These elements are then conveyed to our clients through the use of plans, elevations and importantly, renders meaning there are no surprises and the opportunity to make changes prior to construction even commencing.

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