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The joy of designing for the children in your life...

Whether a parent, grandparent or stepparent (you get the idea) we love the children in our lives dearly but are you tired of the disorganised clutter strewn from their bedroom to the lounge room? It’s true they are only young once so for the sake of your sanity and theirs, why not create a beautiful bedroom and/or playroom?


A playroom will ideally be a space for creativity and fun, and as such can be stimulating and a wonderful place to learn, laugh, play and be social. A bedroom on the other hand should be quiet and sleep-inducing. Those differences will be reflected in the colours and materials used, the amount of light and furnishings, how clear or cluttered the room is and how tactile the surfaces are.

Let’s begin with considering your paint choice for both spaces. A low emissions healthy paint is a better option for children given their penchant to touch and chew and it isn’t ordinarily all that much more expensive. Dulux has a low VOC low emissions range and Benjamin Moore has ‘Eco Spec’ which offers zero VOC, and zero emissions making it asthma and allergy friendly. What about chalk finish paints which are also magnetic allowing for sections of the wall to be used for chalk drawing? We always suggest framing this area so that it’s clear to children that they don’t draw on the whole wall but rather just this section!

For the playroom, we like to use primary colours. They’re stimulating and encourage energy and playtime. The bedroom should be soothing and calm, with pastel colours. The same applies to wallpapers. Our wallpaper range, ‘Ailanto Design’ in conjunction with Amanda Ferragamo, evokes the imagination with the magic of fairytales ideal for playrooms. We have some quieter colours with repeats that aren’t so interesting for the bedroom too.

AILANTO DESIGN - 'Angkor Wat' children's wallpaper design. One of many designs in the Ailanto children's collection.


In the playroom, it’s useful to have flooring that is easy to clean up (think playdoh & paint) with a small area rug for comfortable floor plays with bricks, cars, dolls etc. We like the wonderful wooden-looking types of vinyl that are available. These are also a little more forgiving underfoot. The bedroom doesn’t matter quite so much except for perhaps allergy considerations with the carpet chosen.

The furniture should be sturdy. If budget is a consideration (or even if it isn’t) it can be quite fun to visit vintage stores and refinish preloved pieces. The quality can often be better, and this is also a lovely sustainable option. A table and chairs are always useful for fun activities. Storage is essential. We like a combination of drawers and cupboard fronts to hide the mess as well as baskets for organizing the different activities. Baskets are also an easy item for children to use in helping to clean up.

DESIGNED BY KGID - Holiday home children's bedroom.

It goes without saying that there are many sleeping options for children. From cots that convert to small beds with side pieces to full-sized beds. There are many options to explore and find the right solution for you and your child.

To induce calm, the bedroom should be clear and clutter-free. No temptations to leave bed to play. A bedside lamp or night light is always a lovely option. As with adults, I think it’s enticing to have some linen your child enjoys. It’s another easy reason to get into bed and love your bed. Take care to review the pillows and duvet chosen in terms of any allergies. Some favourite photos of loved ones on the wall or bedside table is always nice.

Finally, it’s useful to have the option to use block-out window treatments in the bedroom, particularly for the afternoon, mid-morning, and overtired naps. This gives you a little flexibility. Playroom window treatments should allow natural light or at least filtered natural light depending on heat loading etc. Why not use some fun bright-coloured window treatments in the playroom?

We welcome design work of all types at KGID however I would have to say creating joyful and imaginative spaces with particular children in mind is incredibly rewarding. Incorporating their favourite things...a place of their own (and to share) for play, creativity, learning and rest.


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