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Updated: Jan 16, 2023

Let's take the mystery out of it.

Not sure if you need an interior designer but at the same time, you’re feeling a little overwhelmed with the number of decisions to be made? This isn’t your comfort zone and you’re not sure what sized window you should have and if green and blue really do still clash. What a relief a designer would be but you’re not sure you can afford it or if it would be worth the investment. In this instance, let me explain how our fees work and what it is we do for those fees.

We don’t believe in design fee mystery. Our fees are set out clearly for our clients to see in our engagement contract right at the start of the process together with our scope of work (what we will be supplying). No surprises. As with any service, transparency is essential in creating the enduring kind of client/designer relationships that we strive for.

At KGID, our fees are divided into 2 areas, our procurement fee & hourly design fees.

PROCUREMENT FEE is for the goods that we order on your behalf. We take the stress out of the selecting, ordering and delivery of your furniture. Instead of 100 different chairs to choose from, we'll put our expertise behind it and narrow the selection down. As a professional interior design studio, we have access to a number of retailers that the general public don't and at most stores we are also offered trade discounts. The discounts range from 10% to 50% off RRP. At KGID we charge a 15% of goods procurement fee for our services. In this way, our clients benefit from any balance discount (i.e., 50% off of a sofa - we charge 15%, and our client benefits from the balance 35% discount on RRP).

HOURLY DESIGN FEES are for the time we spend on the following:

  • Creative direction.

  • Design development.

  • Drawing of plans & elevations.

  • Detailing for quotation & trade purposes.

  • Selection and scheduling of:

    • hard finishes.

    • fixtures, fittings & equipment.

    • Soft furnishings & accessories.

  • Installation.

This portion of work is often quoted for a project as a fixed fee (rather than an hourly rate which will most times be more expensive) and broken into 5 Phases. Not all projects need all 5 phases. Our client may also opt for just some of the phases and manage the balance themselves:

  • Creative Direction & conceptual design.

  • Design development.

  • Detailed design & final documentation.

  • Procurement

  • Installation.

Hourly design fees are quoted on a project-by-project basis once the scope of work, components required, and level of expertise are determined.

Interior design as a service is an investment. We bring expertise to what is often one of your most significant assets and with our design ‘know how’ we often add value and assist you in avoiding costly mistakes. Commercially we design with a business plan and brand in mind creating a destination that appeals to the target market and offers maximum functionality and compliance.


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