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Elevating luxury beyond the shoreline...

With the expertise and technology to create bespoke interiors in any space, Keeley Green Interior Design has developed a special interest in designing elegant and timeless interiors for superyachts and luxury ocean vessels.

Keeley Green Interior Design is experienced in creating luxurious and practical living spaces suitable for life on the high seas.

Currently our team is project managing work on two significant international super yacht projects, one a new-build and the other a complete refurb, which will transform a dated interior into a fresh luxurious take on nautical style.

Keeley and her experienced team of designers are passionate about creating comfortable, beautiful interiors no matter the vessel category, from luxury motor cruisers to classic sail boats, spacious catamarans to the grandest of super yachts.

KGID understands the exacting nuance required to develop bespoke interiors for all ocean-going vessels, taking into account the very specific space and weight constraints and need for materials selections that are sympathetic to the harsh saltwater environment - all while still creating a luxe yet welcoming atmosphere.

Whether the brief is to outfit a vessel ready for charter services, or to imagine an interior the delivers a home away from home feel on board, our design services for the maritime industry are tailored to each individual project.

Keeley Green Interior Design maritime services include:

  • Complete interior refurbishments or cosmetic makeovers

  • Space planning to ensure most effective use of restricted areas

  • Bespoke galley, bathroom and berth design

  • Cabinetry and storage solutions suitable for ocean going vessels

  • Custom furniture design

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