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Top kitchen design trends in 2021

When it comes to home renovations, one of the biggest and most important rooms you can tackle is the kitchen.

For many people, the kitchen has always been, and continues to be, the heart of the home – it is not just a place to cook and wash the dishes, it’s a place for intimate conversations, laughter over a few glasses of wine or a cup of coffee, for homework or a place for the family to come together at the end of a long day.

So, I thought I would share what I see as a few of the big design trends on the way for our kitchens in 2021…

A place at the table

We all spent more time at home last year and it caused people to re-think how they use their kitchen, and dining, space. People want the bring their families and friends closer so I think we will see people opting for longer tables and more seating at kitchen benches.

Warm and bright

People are turning away from sparse, clinical kitchens and seeking to inject warmth, coziness, and personality. Mature and warm colour palettes that include orange, mustard, and plum are all on-trend in 2021, or for a more subtle approach, combining a rose-colored marble benchtop with timber cabinetry or flooring is a wonderful way to combine masculine and feminine touches in equal and beautiful measure.

Reeding and fluting are both types of ornamental carving and both are making a resurgence inside our homes, including on kitchen cabinets and kitchen islands – it’s a fantastic way to add texture and depth to a room.

Cleanliness and hygiene

Unsurprisingly, COVID-19 has made us all far more conscious about cleanliness and hygiene. I think we will see more people opting for tapware with touchless technology sensors. Kohler’s touchless kitchen tap activates within 20 milliseconds and will switch off automatically after four minutes of inactivity if you forget to turn it off. Metals like copper and its alloys, in particular brass, have natural antimicrobial properties making them an excellent choice in the kitchen, and it looks amazing!

If you are planning are kitchen renovation in 2021, my top tips are:

Be clear about who will use the kitchen and how it will be used – this a critical first step because it will determine big decisions about your design and influence your budget. For example, if you love your bread maker or are a coffee connoisseur with a beautiful coffee machine, make sure you allow enough bench space for both your appliances and meal preparation when planning the layout. I cannot emphasise enough the importance of a proper lighting plan!

Set a budget and stick to it – it is easy to get carried away in tile choices and amazing appliances, but there is no point have a beautiful kitchen if you have to eat baked beans to pay for it.

Factor location and style of your property into your design – developing a real ‘sense of place’ is important when it comes to interior design, especially in the kitchen. The design of a kitchen for a beach house will be very different from one in an inner-city apartment or a country homestead.

Always choose practicality and functionality over the latest trends – while it is helpful to look at current trends and styles for inspiration, at the end of the day, only you know what is going to work for you and the people using the kitchen. If in doubt, consult an interior designer or kitchen specialist for advice. They can help you identify what is important in your kitchen design, and provide advice on the appliances, fittings, and fixtures to suit your needs and budget.

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